Friday, July 9, 2010

GPS Superintendent wants all 6 sports back, expects tennis to return

GREENVILLE — Greenville school district superintendent Dr. Harvey Franklin says he doesn’t want just one of the six suspended sports reinstated, but would like to see them all brought back.
But one sport in particular most likely will remain in 2010-11, said Franklin.
“Seems like tennis is a go,” said Franklin. “But we would like to get all six back.”
At a special sports forum held Wednesday at the Washington County Convention Center, area businessman SB Buck said that he along with two others will volunteer to coach the boys and girls tennis squads.
With a minimum budget of $6,100, according to a athletic worksheet distributed by the district, tennis ranks as the third cheapest suspended sport to maintain, behind golf and powerlifting.
There will be another meeting next Friday, July 16, at the Greenville Higher Education Center (GHEC), to find out what financial commitments community leaders have come up with.
A recommendation will then be given to the school board Monday, July 19, said Franklin.
At Wednesday's meeting several people vowed to give $1,000 each, including Rep. John Hines, who said he had already raised $600.
At least $45,575 is needed to maintain the suspended sports in 2010-11.
If the community does raise the funds, what will happen the following year?
It will be “gauged by what we do this year,” according to Franklin, who added that the worst financial times will most likely come in 2012.

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