Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MVSU depth chart for Saturday's game vs. Alabama State

OT Martin Davis
Trevin Wallace

OG Antonio Griggs
Kevin James

OC Wesley Steele
Eddie Wright

OG Kevin James
Anthony Banks

OT Nicholas Sherman
Jestin Williamson

TE Jonathon Henderson
James Payne

WR Paul Cox
Julian Stafford

WR Alex Thornton
Dontae Reed

TB Rapheal Bateaste
Brandon Stansell

FB Dytanyl Greer
Jonathon Davis

QB Garrick Jones
Carl Davis


DE Javaoris Fritz
Christian Hawkins

DT Robert Simpson
Avon Waters

DT Rico Shaw
Chmarko Goldsberry

DE Leployer Franklin
Kwaku Boah

OLB Terrell Johnson
Antonio Benson

MLB Keven Woods
Rico Mazique

OLB Desmond Spivey
Marcus Thompson

C Michael Boykins
DeAndre Johnson

S Carlos Hollis
Napoleon Brewer

S Jeremy Langston
Armon Williams

C Marquis McFadden
Marquez Floyd

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eighth grade girl gives football a shot

GREENVILLE — Lauren Tice isn’t your typical eighth-grade girl.
She hunts, fishes, and even volunteers for the Animal Welfare League in her spare time.
But that doesn't begin to measure up to her new hobby: football.
The eighth-grade Riverside student played her first junior high football game Monday in a 28-12 loss at county rival St. Joseph.
The petite, brown-haired junior high student survived weeks of practice and became what is believed to be the first female to ever suit up for the Bulldogs.
But why did a young girl, who has dabbled in everything from choir to being a homecoming maid, take up a sport dominated by guys?
“I didn't make softball. I'm not good at basketball. And I did choir last year,” she explained Monday night following her football debut.
Tice, who plays mostly on special teams during kickoff returns, told her mother, Debbie Tice, last spring about her aspirations. The elder Tice said she tried to talk her out of it, but her daughter's mind was made up.
“When she gets her head stuck on something,” said Debbie Tice, “she does it.”
Riverside junior high football coach Brad Andrews said she approached him around the same time. Tice, who said she starting training last summer, came out for practice this year and has been keeping pace with her teammates ever since.
“She goes out there and does everything the boys do,” he said. “She doesn't hold back.”
And neither did one of St. Joseph's players Monday night during a kickoff return. The Fighting Irish lineman leveled Tice and sent her spiraling to the ground.
She said that served as her “welcome to football” moment.
So what does the aspiring veterinarian think of her debut?
“I sucked,” she said, “because that (St. Joe) guy knocked me down.”
But don't anticipate Tice from giving up anytime soon. She says she's in it for the long haul, especially if she can bulk up a bit.
“I just need to get a little taller,” said Lauren Tice,” and gain some weight.”
Lauren Tice said she heard the naysayers before and after she made her decision. But that never deterred her.
“I was just thinking everyone's telling me I can't,” she said, “so I did it anyway.”
Andrews, the Riverside coach, said he stands behind Tice, and the rest of the team does as well.
“I wouldn't against it (when she came out for the team),” he said. “Though it would be interesting, I didn't have a probelm with it.
“(The Bulldog squad) is fine with it,” he added. “She a part of the team.”
Lauren Tice has made a name for herself in the classroom by being named to the Superintendent's List numerous times. And she was one of four Mississippi student ambassadors during her fifth grade year when she traveled to Scotland and London for 19 days.
Now, she wants to make her mark on the football field. And if not with a touchdown, then at least with her fashion.
She donned pink shoestrings in her Monday night debut.
"They wouldn't let me wear pink shoes or pink socks," Lauren Tice explained.
But Lauren Tice isn't the first girl to give football a shot at Riverside. Another female previously came out for the team, but only lasted one week of practice, said Debbie Tice.
"She's the first one to actually stick through it, I think," she said.
Debbie Tice also brought up a recent encounter her daughter had with Dr. Michael Mansour, an area St. Joseph supporter.
After Mansour told Lauren Tice about his allegiance to St. Joseph, she refused to give him any information about what position she would play for Riverside.
" 'You may be a spy, I can't tell you,'" Debbie Tice said her daughter told Mansour. "'If I tell you where I'm at, they'll come after me because I'm a girl.'
"He was killing himself laughing," said Debbie Tice.
Lauren Tice's football knowledge has increased drastically from when she first began down this path, said her mother.
"She didn't know to play....She didn't know positions. She was amazed at all the pads and things they have to wear," her mother said.
Lauren's parents, Debbie and Mark, both took off work Monday to watch their daughter. Some of Debbie's co-workers at the Delta Regional Medical Center showed up as well.
"When I told some of my co-workers at the hospital that my daughter was on the team, they said, 'I'm coming to the game,' " said Debbie Tice.
Next up for Tice and the Riverside Jr. High Bulldogs is another rival — O'Bannon on Sept. 6 at 6 p.m.
At that game, she hopes to line up at her favorite position, safety, and not just on special teams duty.
"...When you think of kick return, the first thing that comes to mind is lame," said the 13-year-old Tice. "When you say first-string defense, everyone's like 'oh, really.' "

Monday, August 29, 2011

JUCO transfer named Valley's starting QB

Karl Morgan has found his man.
The Mississippi Valley State coach said today on a SWAC teleconference that Garrick Jones, a junior college transfer, will start at quarterback Saturday when the Delta Devils host Alabama State.
Jones, who played the last two years at Coahoma Community College, beat out seven other vying for the position, said Morgan. He beat out sophomore Carl Davis, who started last year before suffering a season-ending leg injury.
"(Offensive Coordinator Ramon Flanigan) had a better feel for (Jones)," said Morgan. "Carl is not as athletic as the other quarterbacks.....(Jones) can move a little bit and get away from stuff..."
As for running back Cedric Blue, the Delta Devils are still waiting for the former Coahoma Agricultural standout to cleared academically by the NCAA.
"It's some missing information," said Morgan. ".....He thought he had everything sent, but obviously it hasn't been."
Meanwhile, Brandon Stansell will be the team's starting running back, said Morgan. The JUCO transfer will split time with several other guys including Ratheal Bateaste, a Southwest Miss. Community College transfer.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DSU freshman cleared to play despite armed robbery charges

CLEVELAND — Charles Tigue, the Delta State freshman football player who was indicted for a February 2009 armed robbery of four people in a Belleville, Ill. park, has been cleared to play for the Statesmen.
The freshman defensive lineman was cleared by a St. Clair County (Ill.) judge Wednesday with several stipulations: DSU head coach Ron Roberts must write two letters per week to the judge regarding Tigue's academic and athletic status; and Tigue must call the St. Clair County Probation Department weekly. He also must stay in his dormitory or at the library except when he attends class, football-related activities or eating meals.
Tigue's trial date has been set for Jan. 9.
DSU Sports Information Director Matt Jones said in a text message this morning that Tigue remains on the football team.
Messages were left for Tigue's attorney, Thomas Daley, and St. Clair State Attorney Brendan Kelly.
According to a story published on the Belleville News-Democrat website, Tigue's parents drove to Cleveland Tuesday to bring him to Wednesday's bond modification hearing in Illinois.
At the hearing, Circuit Court Judge Michael Cook told Tigue that he was given a "break" after he left the state without permission of the court. Kelly, the state attorney, and Tigue's lawyer, Daley, also said Wednesday, according to the report, that they were unaware that Tigue had left Illinois.
"You are going to be right back here and your bond is going to revoked" (if Tigue violates his new bond conditions)," Cook said, according to the newspaper.
Tigue was arrested in March 2009 for allegedly taking part in an armed robbery at a park in his hometown of Belleville, Ill. His cousin, Marnez Crawford, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years.
Tigue has admitted in letters written to two judges that he took "a small part" in the crime. DSU coach Roberts previously stated that he was unaware of Tigue's background before signing him in January.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DSU freshman facing armed robbery charges in Ill.

CLEVELAND — Charles Tigue may have a bright future ahead at Delta State.
But first the freshman defensive lineman will have to clear some things up in his hometown of Belleville, Ill.
Tigue, who is currently in camp with the Statesmen, is facing two counts of armed robbery charges for his part in a March 22, 2009 crime at a Belleville, Ill. park. Both charges are Class X felonies punishable by six to 30 years in prison.
According to court documents, Tigue and his cousin, Marnez Crawford, are accused of holding up a group of teenagers at East End Park. Last September, Crawford pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years.
Tigue, who verbally committed to Eastern Illinois while at East St. Louis Senior High School, is free on $50,000 bond and has a court date set for Sept. 19.
St. Clair County State Attorney Brendan Kelly said his office was unaware that Tigue had left the state.
“There’s nothing in the record, no court order which permits him to deviate from his condition of bond,” Kelly said in a phone interview. “And those conditions require him to remain in (Illinois). We were not aware that he had left the state, and we are investigating.”
When reached last week by the Delta Democrat Times, DSU head football coach Ron Roberts said he was unaware of Tigue’s legal troubles.
“This is my first time hearing about this,” Roberts said.
Messages left for Tigue’s attorney, Thomas Daley, went unreturned. But Daley told the Belleville News-Democrat Tuesday that he obtained permission from a judge to join the Statesmen, but would not give a name as to who the judge was.
“We just allowed him to go,” he told the newspaper. “We probably did it orally. As long as they show up at the docket calls, no one pays much attention where they are.”
Kelly, the state attorney, said plea negotiations are underway between Tigue and the prosecution. Neither Tigue nor Crawford had prior criminal records and were 16 at the time of the crime.
The case has been continued since April 9, 2009, mainly due to the switch of judges assigned to the case. Also, the case originated under the watch of Kelly’s predecessor.
In a April 21, 2009 letter written by Tigue to Circuit Court Judge John Baricevic, who no longer resides over the case, Tigue admitted to taking a “small part” in the crime.
“Even though I honestly didn’t fully participate, I still feel remorseful,” the then-high school sophomore wrote. “I do because I should’ve stopped my cousin and I also understand how traumatic such an experience must be to the victims.”
Several of the victims recounted the robbery in a story published by the Belleville News-Democrat.
“He was there when it happened and he went in one of the kids’ pockets and took money,” Meghan McKenzie, one of the four victims, told the newspaper. “Just because he didn’t have the gun didn’t mean he didn’t do anything.”
The mother of Tigue’s alleged accomplice, Linda Crawford, has also spoken out on the issue.
“They’re letting (Tigue) play football somewhere in Mississippi, and my son is sitting in prison,” she told the Belleville newspaper. “They were both at the robbery. It’s not fair.”
Meanwhile, DSU issued a statement Wednesday morning stating that they were unaware of Tigue’s legal troubles during his recruitment.
“Coach Roberts and the (Athletic) Department are in contact with Mr. Tigue’s family and attorney. We are monitoring the situation until the judicial process has had the time to work. At that time, Jeremy McClain, director of athletics, and coach Roberts will reassess the situation. No further comment will be made until that time.”
Tigue, who has since been released from ankle monitoring, was one of numerous announced DSU signees in January. The 6-foot-2, 226-pound defensive lineman continued to play for East St. Louis even after his arrest. However, during Tigue’s senior season, the school was forced to forfeit five games and a spot in the playoffs after it was revealed that Tigue lived outside the school district.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Report: Valley to receive $778k for guarantee games

Another year, another round-the-world trip for the Mississippi Valley State men's basketball team.
According to, the Delta Devils non-conference schedule for this upcoming season includes: North Carolina, Florida, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Arkansas, Northwestern, Iowa State, Ole Miss, DePaul, and a Las Vegas tournament.
But like years past, the Delta Devils will get a nice sum of money for their travels. MVSU will take in $778,000 for 10 guarantee games, according to the report published Friday on The Delta Devils men's basketball team will see 40 percent of that total.
Valley's road trip paychecks have increased each year under coach Sean Woods. In his first year in 2008, MVSU received $513,000 before taking in nearly $600,000 in 2009. Last season, the Delta Devils racked up $680,000.

Seau headlines group not on 2011 DSU roster

Delta State recently updated its 2011 football roster on its website. Here's a glimpse of some players you may know that won't be playing for the Statesmen this season:

1. Tyler Seau: the reserve linebacker and son of former NFL standout Junior Seau has left the team due to the birth of his child. I'm hearing he may return next season. He has one year of eligibility remaining.

2. Darius Johnson: the 6-foot-5 Kanas State transfer receiver was pushed down the depth chart and eventually moved to tight end. The fact that the Statesmen brought in seven receivers this offseason probably affected his decision, too.

Others not on the roster include: receiver Blake Swain, cornerback Jared Turner, defensive end Jeremy Henderson, defensive tackles David Williams and Alex Herndon, and defensive end Cameron Murray.

The Statesmen picked up seven receivers, including Justin Feagin, who played his freshman year at Michigan before transferring to Texas Southern.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Source: 2 former SEC players will not play at DSU

Two former SEC football players are looking for a place to play football, most likely in Division II.
But despite recent reports, they won’t be at Delta State, said a source close to the school’s athletic department.
Former Tennessee receiver Nu’Keese Richardson and Florida defensive back Jamar Hornsby will not play for the Statesmen, said the source.
Both players ran into trouble during days their SEC and were searching for an opportunity to continue their career. Richardson was dismissed from Tennessee in 2009 after being charged with armed robbery. He eventually pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and was given three years probation. After his stint at Tennessee, he transferred to Hampton University and then to Coffeyville Community College in Kansas.
DSU had planned to take the troubled athlete in, but after another arrest last month for failing to appear in criminal traffic court, the school rejected their offer.
“After that,” said the source, “coach (Ron) Roberts just wiped his hands with him.”
Former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby, whose history includes two jail stints, will also not be in Cleveland. He played at East Mississippi Community College in 2008 before signing with Ole Miss. But he never suited up for the Rebels after being involved in a fight in a McDonald’s parking lot in Starkville. Ole Miss cut ties with Hornsby and he was sentenced to six months in Oktibbeha County Jail.
It's unclear whether the two players will land. Richardson's probation requires him to be either enrolled in school or employed full-time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greenville native Calvin signs with Eagles

A second former Washington County athlete has gone pro.
Former Greenville-Weston standout Cordario Calvin is now in camp with the Philadelphia Eagles, said his mother, Sonya Lewis.
The 6-foot-4, 220 pound receiver had 57 catches, 805 yards and 10 touchdowns last season for Belhaven.
He arrived in Philadelphia this morning and recently passed his physical, said Lewis. He will wear No. 86.
The former basketball and football star chose the Eagles over "eight or nine" other offers, said Lewis.
Former Leland High standout Jalil Johnson is currently in camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Without Trevar Deed, who picks up the load for Statesmen?

Delta State enters the 2011 season without arguably one of its most gifted players in history, Trevar Deed.
Without the Arizona native, who holds the schools records in career total and rushing touchdowns, the Statesmen's rushing attack will likely be led by sophomore Brandon Lucas, who will be wearing Deed's old number, 1.
But he won't have to carry the load alone.
DSU picked up two experienced transfer running backs this offseason: sophomore Richard Freelon (Jacksonville State) and junior Avery Horn (Reedley College/University of Michigan).
Freelon (6-0, 205) was lightly recruited out of Bruce High School even though he rushed for 5,581 yards, 55 touchdowns and broke the school's rushing record his junior year. He redshirted during his freshman season and saw limited action last year.
Meanwhile, Horn's trek to Cleveland started under the big lights at "The Big House." A transfer from Michigan, the former three-star athlete Horn comes to DSU after spending time at Reedely College, a JUCO school in California. The Hansford, Calif. native redshirted during his freshman season at Michigan in 2007 before deciding to transfer in 2008.
Also, senior Jamarcus Jackson, who mostly lined up at fullback last season, will also see some carries.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Valley wants to play Delta State.....just not right now

Karl Morgan wants it to happen.
Just not now.
The second-year Mississippi Valley State football coach said today that he wants to play against Delta State, but has to get his Delta Devil team playing at a higher level first.
DSU Athletic Director Jeremy McClain actually contacted MVSU last year, said Morgan, following their Division-II national championship loss to Minnesota-Duluth. But the offer was turned down.
"I'm open to the possibility, but we just have to get our house in order first," Morgan said of the playing against a DSU team located just 40 miles away from Itta Bena.
DSU has a 3-0 record against the Delta Devils, including a 45-0 victory the last time the two met in 2003. In the three meetings combined, the Statesmen have outscored Valley 105-26.
"I'm all for playing Delta State....," Morgan said. "It will be a moneymaker for everybody. Once we get a little bit better, I'm open to the possibility."

Players to report Thursday

Valley players are scheduled to report for a conditioning test Thursday at 6:30 a.m. for the start of practice. The players will go through meetings the rest of the day before beginning their first practice at 5:45 p.m.
On Friday and Saturday, the team will begin practice at 6:30 a.m.