Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slow-pitch softball returns to GWHS

GREENVILLE – Earlier this summer, it looked as if slow-pitch softball at Greenville-Weston had played in its last inning. The sport – along with five others including baseball – were suspended by the Greenville Public School District due to a $163,000 cut in the athletic budget.
Fast forward two months later to Saturday morning, and it was a totally different atmosphere.
Thanks to the support from the newly constructed booster club and the Greenville community, the Honeybees took to the field for the first time this season.
And they did it in great fashion, as GWHS rallied from a 10-2 deficit late in the game to win 17-10.
Co-head coach Randy Russell said he’s thankful for all the community has done, but the squad is still in need of additional support.
“We’re grateful for the opportunity to play softball,” said Russell, who along with Juliet Thomas volunteered to coach the team. “It means a lot to these young ladies.
“We’re working on fundraisers to get the equipment that we need.”
OBHS and GWHS fans and supporters filled the stands Saturday morning to watch the two local teams play.
Sharnikqua Brown, who plays third base and shortstop for the Honeybees, said she was ecstatic when she found out that the sport was making a comeback.
“I was excited when they brought (slow-pitch softball) back,” said the senior standout. “I play basketball and it gives me something to do before basketball season starts.”
Coach Thomas said she doesn’t mind volunteering her time to help the team. She said she’s just glad that the sport is still alive at GWHS.
“We’re glad to see these girls out here because these girls need activities like this,” she said. “We’re just asking everyone to support the team for the rest of the year.”

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