Thursday, November 18, 2010

Details released about MVSU football stadium

GREENVILLE — Demolition has been scheduled to start in late December for the visitors side of Mississippi Valley State’s football stadium, according to an MVSU official.
The renovations will continue during the 2011 football season; however, Rice-Totten Stadium will be available for the team’s six home games in 2011. MVSU played their home games 50 miles away at Greenville-Weston High School this season due to structural damage to the stadium’s visitors side.
Construction on the new East Grandstand is scheduled to begin in Feb. 2011, with final completion slated for early 2012. It will be completed in several phases.
The final costs to renovate the East Grandstand has not been finalized because “the stadium bid process is under way and a construction figure is not available due to the scope and complexity of the project,” according to an e-mail from MVSU’s public relations department.
According to the e-mail, the renovations will be funded by the “state of Mississippi.”
For now, the renovation will only include the visitors side, but “renovations/additions/repairs to other portions of the overall stadium complex are being evaluated for future projects.”
Key components of the new visitors side design include: 5,000 seats, including a section of chairback seating; storage for track and football; concessions; merchandise vendor stalls and university bookstore stall; restrooms and ticket booths; a façade wall; and two ciruclation aisles.
The track facilities will remain available for use throughout the entire period of construction.
The renovations do not include the Devils Den or the visiting team’s dressing rooms.

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