Monday, June 20, 2011

Mullen says student-athletes need spending money

Mississippi State football coach Dan Mullen wants his players to get a piece of the pie.
He said it recently during the SEC spring meetings, and stood by his stance today while participating in the 30th annual Jesse Brent-Merrick Jones Memorial Golf Tournament in Greenville.
".... I think they should get some spending money in their pocket," said Mullen, who was one of seven SEC coaches to sign South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier's proposal to pay 70 players $300 each per game.
"And I know there's all other kinds of complications that come along with it. But our guys are so committed and put in so much time year around in the game of football.
"It'd be great to give them some spending money. They don't need major money; they just need enough to go out with the other college kids and get themselves a pizza on a Friday night."
Spurrier's proposal is far-fetched, but it does starts the conversation: should universities -- who bring in millions of dollars -- pay student-athletes? Although Mullen thinks players deserve more than just a scholarship, he doesn't see things changing anytime soon.
"I think it's a lot trickier than just football players getting paid," he said. "So (if players do get paid), it'll be a long time from now."

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