Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday Conversation with....Quentin Groves

Former Greenville-Weston standout Quentin Groves has made a name for himself since leaving the Delta. The former Auburn linebacker now plays for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders after spending his first two years with the Jacksonville Jaguars. While waiting on the NFL lockout to end, the 26-year-old took time out to chat with Sports Editor Kenneth Mister.

What are you doing with all your free time?
Groves: Working out (with old Jaguars teammates), staying in shape and watching old games.

How optimistic are you that we'll have a full 16-game season?
I think we’ll have one. You gotta look at the revenue. It’s too much revenue to take any games out.....They may shorten up training camp, but not the preaseason....This whole big fight is over revenue.

Will you still hold your Quest 4 Greatness Football Camp in Greenville? 
No, because we didn’t know what (will happen with the lockout). Didn’t want to plan it and have to be at a OCA or training camp.

How often do you come home? 
About once a year to come see mom.

What’s one of your best memoris from GWHS?
Just playing with the guys...Kevin Sanders, Michael Watson, Micheal Henry....We still keep in contact till this day.

Who’s the hardest guy to bring down in the NFL?
Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings). He just runs so tough.
What’s your take on college players. Should they get paid or is a scholarship enough? 

I think they should get paid. For the simple fact, (schools) would be nothing without the students. It’s true they get an education. But let’s be real. A lot of people don’t just come to big-time colleges for the education. They’re coming for the (sports). If you take away those (sports), I bet the attendance drops 30-40 percent.

How was your college experience. Did you feel like you were being cheated?
I’ll say this: you could go in the bookstore and see my jersey on sale for $30 to $40 and I see kids with my jersey on in the stands — and I’m not getting nothing? Then they get mad when a kid takes $300 to $400 from a booster.....
I look in the stands and everyone has on a (No. 54) jersey and I go back to my dorm room and I’m like ‘damn.’

Why don’t college athletes just stand up and revolt? 
The day you get (to college), they say (the media) is going to ask these questions. Don’t answer it. (Tell the media) I’d rather not speak on it. You’re pretty much programmed.

You have a son and a daughter on the way. How’s life as a father? 
My son is 14 months. And my daughter will be here Oct. 22....My little boy is a little me. That’s the biggest thing. Everything you used to do, he tries to get away with it.

Where do you think you rank amongst other greats to come out the Delta?
I don’t like to speak on it. But I don’t know. Wherever the people will put me.

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