Thursday, September 23, 2010

Game of the Week: Riverside, Simmons — rivalry or not?

GREENVILLE — Riverside and Hollandale Simmons High are both in the same county. Some of Riverside’s players even have a Hollandale address, said RHS coach Warren West.
There’s certainly a recipe for a rivalry between the two teams, but does one actually exist? Or is it just friendly competition between two nearby schools?
“It’s not a rivalry like South Delta or Leland, but it’s a rivalry — the players know each other,” said Simmons coach Carlos Thompson. “It has been a lopsided rivalry game, but they play us hard every year.”
Over the last two years, the Riverside Bulldogs have fell victim to the Blue Devils by a combined score of 66-0 — including a 52-0 loss last year. The last time RHS defeated Simmons was in 2007; they won 28-26.
Although not a district game, Riverside coach Warren West expects a strong effort from his bunch. But he said in order to have a chance against a Blue Devil team that is coming off a 46-0 win over Humphreys County, RHS must steer clear from turnovers.
“We have to take care of the football,” West said. “We turned the ball over five times (against Broad Street last Friday) — twice inside (their) 5-yard line and twice on our on 5. ...We can’t turn the ball over and stay in the game against Simmons.”
Besides turnovers, the Bulldogs have another problem: four starters are injured, including quarterback Ladarius Goodman, who is expected to return before the end of the season, said West.
Goodman’s replacement has been reserve running back Lorenzo Johnson.
“He’s done what we asked him to do, but we’re limited to what we can do,” said West.
On the other side of Washington County, Simmons receiver Rashuun Alexander has provided a spark to the Blue Devil passing game. The 6-foot-1 junior has been the go-to guy for quarterback Debrille Grant.
“He’s one of our top receivers,” said Thompson. “He works hard in practice and it’s been showing in the game. “He’s of the guys that when the game is on the line, we can count him.”
Full Lineup
Leland (4-1) at
Rosedale (3-2)

O’Bannon (2-3) at
Ruleville (3-2)

Deer Creek (3-1) at
Desoto Aca. (4-0)

St. Joe (0-5) at
Mongtomery Co. (3-2)

Ray Brooks (1-4) at
Charleston (4-1)

Lee, Ark. (3-2) at
GCS (2-2)

Washington (2-3) at
Lee Academy (2-3)

West Point (3-1) at
Gentry (2-2)

Indianola Aca. (2-3) at
West Memphis (0-4)

Greenwood (5-0) at
East Side (4-1)

Cleveland (1-4) at
Shannon (2-2)

South Delta (3-2) at
Humphreys Co. (0-5)

Bayou Aca. (3-2) at
Strider Aca. (0-4)

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