Friday, September 17, 2010

Q & A with Alcorn State's Earnest Collins

The Southern Press spent a little time this morning chatting with Alcorn State coach Earnest Collins to get his take on the Braves' trip this weekend to face in-state rival Mississippi Valley State. Here's some key points from our chat. Enjoy.

Q: How big of a deal is playing Valley in Chicago?
Collins: It's a different experience. But it's good to get that experience. And we'll be playing an in-state rival which makes it big for us...The Chicago part is okay. It gives (the players) a chance to play in a NFL stadium. As far as importance, it’s a conference opponent and it’s (MVSU)

Q: You guys put up 50 points against Langston. Were you shocked by that performance?
Collins: You’re always surprised when you score 50 points in a game, no matter who you play. Our guys played together in that game. I'm proud of how hard and fast our guys played in that game.

Q: Alcorn rushed for over 200 yards last week. What’s the plan this week against Valley?
Collins:....We want to get our game balanced, but we’ll take whatever they give us.

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