Thursday, September 16, 2010

MVSU hoops finds a place to practice

ITTA BENA — After weeks of searching, the Mississippi Valley state basketball programs finally have a place to practice.
Taylor Kuykendall, of The Greenwood Commonwealth, reported that MVSU has been approved to practice at Threadgill Elementary in Greenwood. The Greenwood Public School District voted unanimously to give Valley permission to use the school's gym.
"It's probably the largest gym in the city schools," coach Sean Woods told the newspaper. "It's actually larger than Greenwood High's, so it will do more than accommodate our needs."
Valley's gym floor was badly damaged due to a leak in the Harrison HPER Complex.
MVSU had previously asked to practice in the Leflore County Civic Center for no cost. However, they were turned down.
The cost to use Threadgill's gym will be $15-16 per day. Valley begins practice Oct. 15.

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